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Intellectual property can be as valuable as any business asset in Boston.  Trademarks, for example, provide benefits to both the trademark owner and the consumer:

  • A trademark provides brand recognition that can help ensure consumers look for a specific product offered by trademark owner rather than buy a similar, competing product that they consider to be of lesser value.
  • A trademark also protects consumers by helping them to distinguish between the products of one company and another, ensuring the goods they purchase are of the expected quality.

Protecting brands is a constant concern for businesses in Boston.  Trademark law can be complicated and allows for situations when trademarks can be nullified when trademark owners do not remain vigilant.

Examples of Infringement of trademark laws in
Boston and throughout the United States

To protect a trademark in Boston, businesses must watch the marketplace for many types of infringement, including the following:

  • The use of identical identifying marks or names by competing products:  Throughout the United States and in Boston, Trademark law prohibits other companies from duplicating product names or other identifying marks.
  • The use of similar identifying marks or names by competing products:  Perhaps a similar image or name is used to identify a competing product.  In these cases, Boston trademark litigation can quickly become complicated as the court tries to determine whether the trademarks of both companies are different enough to allow the competing company to continue to use the identifying mark or name.
  • The use of generic marks:  At times, companies are victims to the success of their products.  When product names can become synonymous with the type of product in the public eye, those names can lose their trademark value under federal and state trademark laws.

Services provided by Boston trademark lawyers

A Boston trademark lawyer helps protect a company trademark throughout its lifecycle:

  • Trademark Registration:  They perform trademark searches and follow all processes prescribed by trademark laws to register new trademarks.
  • Legal advice:  They help owners of trademarks in Boston learn what they need to do to guard against infringement of their trademark rights.
  • Active trademark protection:  When a trademark is in danger of becoming generic, they take measures to prevent problems, often through advertising that explains the proper use of a product name.
  • Trademark litigation:  They know how to fight in court when other companies are misusing the registered trademarks of their clients.

With over 35 years of experience in trademark prosecution and intellectual property law, Robert K. Tendler understands the complexities of trademark laws in Boston and has the experience to ensure that your intellectual property rights are fully protected.

Contact Intellectual Property attorney Robert K. Tendler, or call us at (617) 723-7268 for a consultation on your intellectual property law matter.

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